Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Spoonflower talk // frequently asked questions about designs, scales and fabric

We have been working for Spoonflower for over 4 years now and we expanded our online fabric on demand shop to 2000+ designs. Each month we upload new designs and color schemes and as our fabric shop grows so does Spoonflower.

But over the course of 4 years a lot more has happened. Spoonflower started producing in Germany now and they have improved their quality over time. The fabrics, the prints, the colors. We are very excited to see how Spoonflower has matured with us. We are very happy to get the opportunity to sell our designs on demand through such a wonderful company.

Every single working day we start with thanking each and very one of our customers for their purchase, we answer their questions and help them further. We noticed a lot of our Spoonflower customers have some questions in common. And since a lot has happened within the company we will explain a few things in this post. Hopefully we can clarify some things and make your future purchase at Spoonflower a great experience. These are a few of our customers most frequently asked questions and comments.

Can I use Little Smilemakers fabric for commercial products?
Sure you can! We started working with Spoonflower because we wanted to fill in the gap, there was not a whole lot to choose from in fabric and wallpaper designs, a lot has changed since then. Every possible theme is represented and there are thousands and thousands of designs to choose from made by talented artist all over the world. We always try to stay ahead of the trend and love to see how our fabric is used in new collections every season. One question we keep getting is: "Can we use Little Smilemakers fabric for our business?" Spoonflower has a royalty based pay out towards designers, with each little piece of fabric that gets sold the designers benefit directly. We love to see people use Spoonflower fabric for their small businesses. We allow commercial usage and love to see all these incredible products made by our customers. Just make sure to tag us in your Etsy shop, Instagram and on your Facebook Pages.

What fabric should I choose for my project?
Spoonflower offers a wide range of fabrics. There are some eco friendly ones for conscious peeps. There are stretchy fabrics, different weights. So much to choose from! Most of our designs are most vibrant on Modern jersey. It is also our best selling fabric type. Lot's of leggings, t-shirts, rompers and other kids and baby products are made with the Modern jersey. If you are looking for a stretchy comfy and soft fabric for clothes this is a great option. This fabric would be similar to the EU tricot.

The plain cottons are a little more raw. They are less soft compared to the jersey/tricot and the designs printed on rawer materials are a little less vibrant in color. If you'd like to use a cotton or a heavier textile like canvas it is useful to know larger scaled prints look better than small scaled ones. On these raw materials there is a little more loss in detail. Same goes for the minky. Keep in mind this fabric is very fuzzy and details might not look as sharp as you've imagined after checking the design on screen. The minky is a great fabric for blankets and soft home textiles, canvas and heavy cotton are great for projects that need a heavier fabric such as bags, soft sole shoes. Silk is wonderful for a scarf of blouse. Whatever you want to create, every design can be used on different fabric. I always recommend ordering a sample swatch. Spoonflower also has a little swatch book with all available fabric. Might be handy if you are a serious sewer.

Can I get this design in a larger scale?
Some of our designs have different scales. We tend to upload different scales once designs get popular or sometimes even become hot sellers. But if you need another scale of any other designs we have up in our shop you can send us a message and we will be happy to scale a design, make them smaller, or larger, whatever you need. We can also rotate the design. In most cases new scales are available in the shop within 24 hours so just send us your requests, we are happy to help!

Can I get a discount?
Of course everyone want to pay less. Spoonflower is not the cheapest website to purchase fabric from but it is an honest one. Every sale benefits the artist so keep in mind while we make your small business possible, we artists also need to eat. You might be able to find cheaper fabric somewhere but you will never find as many talented designers and such a great and gorgeous range of designs anywhere else. For small business owners Spoonflower now offers bulk discount and you can also update your account to Spoonflower Pro. Pro is a premium service for small business owners, frequent orderers, and anyone else who loves Spoonflower. For more information check out the Spoonflower website.

How to avoid import tax?
Spoonflower is based in the US but as of April this year they also opened up a factory in Berlin, germany. Good news for our European customers. They are still in the process of making this a smooth process though, they just started! If you'd like to stay away from import tax you might want to check your countries custom rates. The weight, the size of the package, it differs from country to country. But if you are based in a EU country, things got a whole lot cheaper as of this month.

I love your designs but don't like Spoonflowers quality.
As I mentioned before, some designs print, and look, better on some certain fabrics. Spoonflower prints with a water based paint which is better for our environment, it also means the print might not be as rich as you'd like. Have you ordered an organic cotton and are you not happy about the quality? Know that raw materials like the organic fabrics are less smooth, a print on this surface will loose some detail and will fade a little sooner than when printed on other fabric types like the Cotton Knit, Satin and Modern Jersey. Their thread is more smooth so easier to print detailing, smaller scales and it also has more color dept. If you do want to stick with the organic range try putting the fabric in vinegar to fixate the colors before washing. An old granny trick but it helps! Wanna have a bright, high quality fabric without color fading for fashion and home textiles? Use the Modern Jersey or Cotton Knit.

Can you check when my order will be shipped?
We frequently get questions like these. Spoonflower produces in Germany and in the US. All designs that are up for sale are made my artists that are based all over the world. Designers don't take part in the production process. All order related questions can be send to Spoonflower directly. So if you have questions about the fabrics, shipping, costs etc. just send a message to help@spoonflower.com. If you have any design related questions you can ask your designer through their Spoonflower profile page.

How can I upload my finished project image?
Looking at all these finished projects makes us so happy! But uploading a finished project image is a little difficult. Spoonflower does not allow an image to be uploaded directly to our design page. Instead it has to be uploaded to Flickr, or on a blog or other webpage first. You can copy and paste the URL link to the Spoonflower design page and select the right image. They have a really good word for this in Dutch, the English language really need: omslachtig. If you keep having trouble uploading, just send us an email with your images and we will upload them into our profile.

Well, I hope this will help some of you. If you have any further questions that are design & Spoonflower related. Just send us a message on our Spoonflower page. Have fun and keep posting your finished designs!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Happy Kingsday Dutchies // Koningsdag 2016

In a few days time the entire country will turn orange again while Dutch people celebrate Kingsday. On the 27th of April Holland celebrates the birthday of our King. All shop windows, supermarked candy and fashion boutiques show off their orange collection this week. Slowly everything will turn into orange. If you are visiting Holland during this period for the first time make sure you know what to do, how to behave and what to wear.

Fleamarkeds and under age street musicians
Kingsday is the day to get rid of old junk. It is the only day of the year where you can get rid of old toys and worn down clothes and actually make money. Street musicians are everywhere sometimes 5 year old kids are playing in the street earn a little something and small games and activities are created to bring in some change to spend on candy the next day. During Kingsday most of the shops are closed. It is the biggest and most celebrated holiday of the country so businesses are shut down so everyone can celebrate this quirky day. Even the entire Royal family is out in the town to celebrate, have a drink and take part in typical Dutch games.

Beer & Orange
If you decide to celebrate Kingsday make sure you don't walk the streets on a empty stomach. Beer is served everywhere but you can see groups of people in the streets and parks drink from their own stash too, they will offer you drinks and before you know it you are struggling to stay on your feet even though it's only 2 in the afternoon.
If you like to be ridiculed on the street you should not wear orange. You will be the joke of town. Make sure you add something orange to your wardrobe. Groups of drunk Dutchies can be very enjoying when they decide you are not wearing enough of this national color. Spray paint your hair, add some orange lipstick or get yourself a cheap orange t-shirt that can be bought in every single clothing shop in the days leading to this party. If it is not over the top orange, it is not good enough!

Where to go?
Kingsday is celebrated in every city and every small town. If you are up to big parties do celebrate this day in Amsterdam. One huge mass of people will turn the city into one giant party. If you like a party but want a little escape go celebrate Kingsday in the South, Brabant. My all time favorite place in Breda. The city center turns into a dance party around noon and if you like to escape the people you can walk to the city park, do some vintage (junk) shopping and grab a drink just outside of the city center where terraces are a little more quiet.
Not good with masses of people? Go visit a small town and see how locals entertain themselves with typical Dutch games and activities on the street. Here are some very typical and interesting activities you might bump into.

Koekhappen - Cookie biting game
Your hands will be tied on your back and without any help you will have to eat and finish this traditional dutch baked cookie that is hanging on a rope just above your head. If you win, finish the cookie first, well, it is all about the honor...

Spijkerpoepen - Nail pooping game
As a kid this was my favorite game. A string holding a nail will be tied around your waist. The nail will be hanging from your back in between your legs. You will have to try and get the nail into the narrow neck of a bottle. It sounds easy but it's hard work!

Zaklopen - Walking the bag
This game is very popular among kids. You will have to crawl into an empty potato bag and run track. Walking in a bag is not easy and can be very painful and I won't recommend it. I sure don't want to break a leg during Kingsday but if you want to take the challenge, I did warn you!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Legal Matters // License information Little Smilemakers Studio fabric & designs

We are honored that so many companies would like to have Little Smilemakers designs in there shop. We have licensed our designs all over the world. However, there are lots of companies not having the proper license to sell our work and it is starting to be a full time task to investigate and monitoring these matters.

Licensing art for your business
We have been licensing our designs both exclusive and non-exclusively. If you are selling fabric and would like to add our designs to the shop contact us directly. We opt out the enhanced license through Shutterstock since there is too much mis-use. If you would like to start selling our prints just contact our studio directly and we will be happy to guide you through the licensing process.

Legal steps
For all of you selling without a license you can still reach out to us and purchase a license up till May 1th. As of next month we will be taking legal steps toward companies who are selling our designs illegally. If you stumble upon our designs and if you are unsure the fabric is legit just contact us and we can help you further.

License & Spoonflower
And if you are selling our designs with Spoonflower fabric: no worries! Royalties are included in the price so you don't need an extra license to sell your products with our prints on them. Spoonflower has a great royalty structure, you might pay a little more but artist benefit from each and every purchase directly. We love to see all those finished products and would like to thank our Spoonflower customers for their support. You make our work pretty damn awesome!

If you want to make sure to buy original designs check if your reseller is registered on our client list on the Little Smilemakers Studio website. If you purchase through one of our customers you are allowed to use the fabrics for small businesses and other commercial use.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Made with Little Smilemakers Studio Fabric // April 2016

It is so exciting to see a finished project after working hard on a new collection or a series of illustrations for our clients. But with finished fabric designs it is even a bigger surprise to see what customers create. To see how final products evolve when people put their own creative energy in there is amazing.

If you browse around on Etsy for some kids fashion you are very likely to stumble upon some Little Smilemakers prints. Most creatives with small home based businesses sell their projects via internet and tag us via Instagram. So we see some amazing things in our feed every month. We love how Little Smilemakers creations are the foundation for other creatives all around the world to work with. So here is our monthly blog post that features some creative results from the USA, UK, France and Poland. This month we selected a whole bunch of adventurous boys themes. Take a look and see if there is something for your little one too. This is our top 5 for April.

Hen House Apparel
Nicole is a mother of two boys living in sunny California who runs a small etsy shop with organic materials and unique prints. You can find a small selection of our designs in her shop, mermaids, guitars, polar bears and our cool umbrella rain design. With our umbrella print she has made some cute boys leggings and these are also available in her shop in different sizes. Take a look and enjoy her fun collection of leggings, shorts, head bands and more.

Sew Kuddly
A few weeks ago some cute lions popped up in our Instagram feed. Jasmin is based in Hertfordshire, UK and handmakes boys and girls clothing using cute, fun and trendy patterns. For this months 'made with' we selected her adorable lion leggings, one of our favorite designs exclusively made for Hemmers/Itex Germany. Jasmin also has some of our other baby animals in her shop. Curious? Take a look and get your little one a pair of these!

We have been working with Morgane for a little while now. Morgane is the driving force behind
Madkouch Boutik a colorful French webshop for kids clothing. She had licensed our tropical tucan, hot air balloons and inky texture cactus design. For this post we selected this cute cactus baby romper from the boys western collection. This cactus fabric is also available as harem pants, leggings, shirt and for adventurous girls: there is also a dress available! If you are looking for girls clothes, do check out the tropical toucan collection. We are so in love with this range too! Take a look into her shop, and check out all products.

Baby & Mother Poland
One of our favorite prints is our our dino palm tree design. A while ago we licensed this design to a company in Poland that has a whole bunch of Little Smilemakers designs available on fabric. if you are located in Eastern Europe this is a great shop to score some of our original design per meter. Take a look!

RoJo Apparel
Rose started her shop because she was having a hard time finding stylish things for her son Joshua (such a beautiful name!). She started out making bow ties but soon expanded her Etsy shop with clothing. For this monthly 'made with' post we selected her geometric dino t-shirts. We just simply fell in love with these cute little boys and had to have her in this April feature. Take a look at her shop for some stylish boys and girls clothes.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Madkouch Boutik // Inky Texture Cactus // Boys summer collection

I remember drawing my first cactus for a gardening calendar I made years ago. That same cactus became a hot selling print two years ago when suddenly the cactus was 'picked up.' It took a while! Trends come and go but after a few years the cactus is still going strong. Our cactus prints are, together with our pineapples, our hot selling designs on fabric.

We have made several designs, western themed, with skulls and botanical elements. But our plain and simple cactus prints sell best. This winter we made a new range of exclusive designs. To offer our business partners more unique prints. We created the inky texture collection. With hot air balloons, clouds, tulips, apples, feathers and other trendy themes.

Our inky texture cactus design was licensed to Madkouch Boutik, a small eco friendly business in France creating gorgeous colorful kids clothes. We have licensed some other designs to Madkouch before but this cactus range has such beautiful photography, such a pleasure to share this collection on the Little Smilemakers blog. We always love to see what our fabrics are used for and we are very pleased with the result. If you are looking to expand your little boys wardrobe take a look on the website. Madkouch has some beautiful baby, toddler and kids products such as leggings, rompers, t-shirts and headbands all made with eco fabric.

If you are interested in licensing one of our Inky Texture designs? Or one of our other surface pattern designs, just contact our studio and we will give you more info about licensing and availability. Just send us a message.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Announcement for our Shutterstock customers // Enhanced Commercial license only available directly

Almost 10 years ago I joined Shutterstock as a contributor. Starting out with a few abstract and urban photographs and textures but soon changed into uploading vectors: illustrations and pattern designs only. A lot has changed in print. Things have gotten more digital and the demand for designs for commercial purpose grew.

Our Shutterstock portfolio has been a great way to showcase our designs and we still upload some artwork every now and then. It has been a great way to built up a steady business, generate a base income and exposure.

The past year a lot of things have changed in the enhanced license agreement. Our designs are usually made from vector. So it is easy for customers to edit and change colors and adjust the prints to use them for their products. Which we love. But it also means it is easy to download the files without the right license and have a high quality file without paying the proper fee. Unfortunately that happened a lot.

Misuse of designs
As our business and also online vector portfolio has grown bigger we noticed an increase in misuse of our designs and since we have to protect our creations we decided that from April 1st we stop selling enhanced licenses over Shutterstock, at least for now. It does not mean our designs are no longer available, we just would like to do direct business when it comes to licensing our designs for commercial use, so we know every print we find out there is licensed in a legit way.

After some consideration we decided to opt out our enhanced license downloads via Shutterstock. But our entire portfolio is still available for commercial usage too. Just contact our studio directly and we will help you further.

Newbee in licensing?
If you are new in licensing designs we are also happy to give you more info about our standard and commercial licenses. We also have in-house expertise to guide your business through the process of production, can adjust colors, scales and detailing and of course with our 10 year experience we are on top of the trends. So don't hesitate and send us a message.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sources of inspiration: Rome // historical treasures // delicious cuisine // top 5 things to see and visit

Rome, the center of religion, historical gems and adorable vintage cars. I was planning on going to Italy's capital a while ago but never got around to visit up until this week. All our Italian customers are located in the Northern part of the country, the economical heart of Italy. So after a hectic first months in the studio, I decided to book a few days to this glorious place. No networking or trade fair shows, just to get away from it all.

There are so many things I love about Italy. The amazing food, soft red wines, the colorful vintage Fiat cars, the expressive Italian people, the coffee breaks, soft climate, amazing historical structures, the foundation of art, the chaotic traffic. There is no better place to start a new season and celebrate spring than in this city. The trees were blossoming, the wind was warm and gentle. And now I am having a really hard time readjusting to the gray skies of Holland. And yes, working again. But after answering over 50 e-mails and creating some new designs already I would like to take some time to write down my personal top 5. Places to see and things to do while visiting this ancient city. So here we go. And if you are planning a trip yourself feel free to reach out!

Rome is an interesting city. The capital of Italy, it can be overly crowded and noisy. And it is huge! The city is big and public transportation is not very good. Busses get stuck in traffic and because of this cities history, there is an entire city underneath, the city can not construct a proper metro infrastructure. So wear comfortable shoes and plan your day a little. You need to navigate and it will take some time to go from one place to the other. But it is definitely worth going out of the city center too.

Of course I can tell you the main sights that are a must see, the Trevi Fountain, The Vatican, St. Peter's Church. The pantheon, Colosseum and so on. But you can get those places from the Lonely Planet. Visiting these places will take a lot of time. Most of the main tourist sights have hour long queues. After you are done with these, you might want to explore the city behind the postcard. So here is my personal top 5. Things to do and places to see while traveling to Rome.

1 // The food
My friend actually got angry when I said that a mayor reason for me visiting Italy is the food. "We have culture you know!" But I think food is a big part of experiencing a culture. Holland does not have a very quality-first based cuisine. I remember visiting Italy for the first time and eating some spinach ravioli. Oh, what an experience that was. Such a simple recipe but such a delight. And the ice-cream. So rich!

In Rome you can find some very fancy places to eat, but if you would like to taste some typical Roman food, stay away of the trendy interiors and tourist areas. You will find some very fine dishes in typical Italian restaurants, try some different anti-pasti, prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella, bruschetta and definitely try the typical roman pasta carbonara, after that of course finish your culinary experience with some dolce.

Some places I really liked and managed to grab a bite were Trattoria Pizzeria Vecchia Roma, not too fancy looking but typical Italian family run restaurant. Ai Tre Scalini that has a nice atmosphere, good wine and typical Italian vibe. And Civico 4, a little more fancy but with lovely dishes and great dolce. These places are always busy, try to make reservations or keep in mind that a table can take up to an hour, Italians eat later than you might be used to, back home, you don't have to worry about the kitchen being closed if you go out to eat after 10PM.

But it is not all about food. Of course you have to try the coffee, recharge after walking around the city, enter an out dated looking bar and drink an espresso. Italians consume the largest amount of coffee in the world, and that will get obvious to you while navigating through the city. Every few meters there is a coffee bar. They sure do know how to make a proper coffee. No hipster barista's here, it is all about coffee, they take their job seriously. You won't be drinking an espresso like an Italian espresso anywhere, so if you are a coffee lover, go there!

2 // MAXXI
Rome is not a typical place to visit if you love modern art. Also modern architecture is not really common in the city, but if you take a train out of the city center you can visit a few very interesting places if you stop at Euclide. The 'bugs' at the musical auditorium for instance are a architectural feast. The arena Palazzetto dello Sport built in 1960 for the summer Olympics is a very interesting piece, could use a fresh layer of paint though. But the real gem for me was discovering the MAXXI. The National Museum of contemporary art and architecture. The building itself is simple beautiful and only open for public for 6 years now. With it's sharp edges and overlaps it's a surprisingly pretty composition in a slightly neglected looking area of the city. The exhibits are surprisingly well set up and diverse. I was very happy to see a some Italian parents brought along their kids to explore this place. There is a nice library dedicated to the building and Roman modern architecture. Check out the website before you go. All exhibits are contemporary. The ones I visit were conceptual, highly political engaged and visually powerful. But of course every artist and every expo will be different. Enter a place like this without expectations and it will surprise you.

3 // Romantic sunset over the city
I love to see cities from above. When I travel I always try to visit the highest building or top of a hill to see where I am and how the city is situated and constructed. Rome does not have lot's of modern buildings like many other cities do. There are no flats of skyscrapers. If you do like to watch from a hight you can walk up the Spanish steps. You will walk towards the Trinita dei Monti church (do check the interior) from which you have a great view over the city. If you walk even further up North you can have an even better view of the city and enjoy the city sunset from the Villa Borghese park. The best place for a romantic glance over the city before entering the night.

4 // Trastevere
When you would like to hang our, grab a drink, and not be surrounded by great groups of tourists this is a great neighborhood to spend a night out. This is the place where Roman students hang out at night. They toast and gather outside of bars and restaurants in these beautiful small alleys and cobbled stoned streets. It is a place to enjoy the Roman street vibe and you will feel the pulse of the city. If you look around carefully you can spot some nice street art too or enjoy some live music. This neighborhood is a little rough on the edges but it's honest. Great place to hang out and grab a drink.

5 // Vintage cars
In January i bought my first car. I always drove around in other peeps cars, and used Snappcar before that. But with my terrible joints and this bad winter climate in Holland it was time to get a car to skip the waiting on cold train stations. After test driving and checking out several brands I kept coming back to the cute Fiat500. I found one from the 70's on the internet but thankfully my brain started to work in time and I managed to get a proper updated version I can rely on. I just adore those cute little Fiat cars. These Italian cars are circling around the city like Vespa's. They pop up in from of the Colosseum, circle around the Vatican, they are everywhere. And in so many colors too! While I was in Rome I saw numerous old versions of the 500. It was hard not to stop and make a photo every time I passed one. For vintage car lovers the Southern part of Europe is heaven. Here in Holland we sell our car by the age of three to get a new one. But in Italy they appreciate these little old quirky things. And they are driving around in them until they fall apart. In a city like Rome it doesn't make sense to drive around in anything bigger than the Fiat500 anyway. If you are a vintage car lover, take your time and wait for those things to pass by. They are lovely.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Happy spring // 5 reasons why spring is our favorite season

It is finally spring! Well, almost-ish. The winter seemed to be endless but finally after all these dark months days are getting longer and sun actually shows his face and warms up the little balcony where flowers are now able to bloom. I love spring. I have to say I love the drama of fall and the cosy winter nights on the couch bingewatching Girls but there is nothing better than waking up in the morning to see the sun light up the home.

I love the outdoors. I grew up in a little village and I remember playing outside for hours and hours. Picking flowers, yes also from our neighbors garden, collecting ants and enjoy the new signs of life. I could spend hours watching little baby animals run around the country side. The very first day outside was usually during easter when eggs were hidden on playground in our street. We knew exactly how many eggs were hidden and only stopped our searching for a quick drink. Months later we would find the remains of easter while digging around the swing or building castles in the sand. I loved those first days outside in the sunshine and I am happy to see spring coming every single year.

Of course I am not digging for easter eggs nowadays but there are 5 reasons why spring probably is my favorite season.

1 // Quality time in the sun
Since I work from a home studio I can feel quite isolated at times. Especially during winter I can be in the studio working for days without seeing or talking to a living soul. I love to work outside on a terrace, catch up on some paper work in the sun. But this season is also about finding a new way to spend quality time together with loved ones. Reach out again. Every year spring seems different. Time to go out again, have a nature walk, climb trees, watch the sunset on the beach. Meet up with friends and meet new people and of course celebrate the spring sun with a cool glass of beer.

2 // Late night ice-cream
Oh I love those late night trips to the local ice cream shop. I live in a country where ice cream shops close up for the winter. During spring new ice cream shops pop up all over the city and I love to hop in for a little ice cream at night, when the sun sets, to have a little bit of a festive end of a regular day.

3 // Byebye layers of clothes
I am one of those woman that does not like to shop for a new season. I do not really like shopping in general so warmer weather means less clothes! Somehow I always end up with shoes or bags. Oh yes and sunglasses. Those are easy to find but clothes… So yes, staying warm with just one layer, only one layer of clothes to worry about, I love it!

4 // New positive energy
What I love most about entering the warmer season is the fact that everyone seems to be just a little more happy. People are out on the street more, there is more time for a little interaction and a quick chat to your neighbor. During spring the city transforms into a friendlier place and people seem to smile just a little bit more. Enjoy the sunshine and take your camera for a spin. Opening up is what it's all about.

5 // City trips
This time of the year is amazing for short city trips. The weather is getting better so exploring a city by foot is not the same struggle as during winter. But the cities are not too hot and smelly yet. I love city trips in Europe for this reason. This year I am planning to have a Japanese blossom trip to Tokyo and some closer to home getaway to Milan hopefully. And all these short breaks give me a great boost of inspiration to start my new work projects with a clean slate.

Of course with every start of a new season we have been working on numerous designs. If you can not wait to start your new spring sewing projects check out all new designs in the Spoonflower shop.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Let's celebrate yellow / 5 reasons why we all adore this color of joy and creativity

Colors have a strong but also subconscious effect on our everyday lives. During my design studies, studying color was our most demanding and time consuming subject. As a visual artist I was taught how to influence and effect others with my use of the color spectrum.

Yellow is the color of sunshine, joy, vitality, happiness and creativity. Yellow is bright and warm and often used for light, breezy and joyful subjects. When I think about yellow I think off sunshine, vacation… But this color is also symbol of courage an confidence, boosting energy and self esteem. And with a little hint of black, bright sunny yellow turns into a trendy mustard color. With a little touch of red, ochre. All gender neutral colors that are very popular right now.

1 // I love yellow personality
I personally never liked yellow. Up until last year I wouldn't use this color in my designs. Only a little hint every now and then. Now I create full yellow, mostly mustard colored, designs and I really love these shades of yellow, but still I would never add a 100% yellow color to my work. I still have this inexplicable aversion towards the bright yellow color. Maybe it is just a little too energetic, draws a little too much attention, and with this ingredient it is hard to balance out colors in a design too? According to spiritual studies the color represents our self worth and in stressful times can be too vibrant. The color always makes me feel a little agitated.

2 // Yellow & branding
Yellow has often been used as a signal color. Like red is used for caution, bright yellow is often used to stand out and bring attention to the subject too, think about urban signage or the numerous cabs that circle around Manhattan, they are easy to find since their color pops out. And what about post-it notes, a brilliant color to remind you of things to do. A great color for attention without the heaviness of danger. Yellow loves to talk and is a color that can speak for itself. It is not often used in logo design but if we think about yellow branding we all think about cheap, outlet companies. Can you come up with some?

3 // The color of creativity
Yellow also lifts our mood and increases brain activity if we are surrounded by the color. It is the color of new ideas, while activating us it puts the brain at work and can give us a new perspective, create new solutions. Yellow activates in al lot of ways.

4 // Yellow & food
Studies have shown that people that were eating in a yellow room would eat a lot more than in rooms that were painted in other colors. So maybe painting your dining room in a shade of yellow might not be a good idea if you want to watch your weight. I do not eat at fast food joints often, most of these 'restaurants' have yellow interiors to make you eat a little more. A clever way to generate more cash right? One of world's largest fast food joint is well know for it's screaming yellow logo. The go to place to stuff your face.

5 // Girls & boys
This year yellow has been making a come back in fashion design. Yellow is a perfect color for gender neutral interior accents and is perfect in fashion for both boys and girls. Right now ochre and mustard are two shades that are very trending in print and fashion and also two shades we love to work with. We have made an entire new mustard colored series for this summer season. Go shop for sunshine at Spoonflower.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Exclusive fabric range // Hemmers Itex Germany // Scandinavian style designs and animal themes

This month our new fabric collection was launched at Hemmer Itex. After Robert Kaufman and Joann fabrics, both based in the USA, we now have a German wholeseller for our designs in Europe that sells exclusive Little Smilemakers designs only.

We know ordering from the USA and shipping to Europe can be costly. So we are very excited to work together with this German fabric producer so all you European peeps can purchase Little Smilemakers fabric without worrying about the extra import taxes and fees.

This spring our new designs will be released. We have some cool kids themes: Baby animals & origami art themes. But we are not only targeting on kids this spring also some more neutral themes are added to the Inky Texture collection that can be used for your own creative fashion projects or home decoration textiles. Hot air balloons, clouds, apples, spring tulips, feathers and arrows all trending themes are included.

This week we have finished up some new themes. So if you are interested in ordering wholesale fabric, follow us via Instagram and Facebook and stay up to day about all new available fabric. And if you would like to work with exclusive Little Smilemakers designs, send us a message and we will give you more info about pricing and available licenses.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Made with Little Smilemakers Studio Fabric // March 2016

It is so exciting to see a finished project after working hard on a new collection or a series of illustrations for our clients. But with finished fabric designs it is even a bigger surprise to see what customers create. To see how final products evolve when people put their own creative energy in there is amazing.

If you browse around on Etsy for some kids fashion you are very likely to stumble upon some Little Smilemakers prints. Most creatives with small home based businesses sell their projects via internet and tag us via Instagram. So we see some amazing things in our feed every month. We love how Little Smilemakers creations are the foundation for other creatives all around the world to work with. So here is our monthly blog post that features some creative results from the USA, Holland and Poland. This is our new girly themed March selection. Take a look and see if there is something for your little one too.

This winter we finalized a new series of designs for Kalamati, a Polish home decor brand for kids. The new range has some cute Scandinavian style hot air balloons in soft pastel colors, bubbles in gender neutral color schemes and also this cute abstract woodland garden theme. We love Kalamati's bedding, blankets and home decor items. If you would like to order one of these cute blankets or any other Little Smilemakers prints check out the Kalamati shop!

Ansje Handmade
A few weeks ago Anouck was part of a photo series for new borns with down syndrome. For the photo shoot she made outfits for these adorable new borns, for that she used some of our new prints from the Hemmers/Itex collection we launched end of January. Anouck runs a webshop with handmade nursery gifts and fun whimsical fashion. She also sells original Little Smilemakers patchwork blankets, made with our Spoonflower sample leftovers. If you are curious about her work and want to check out her shop go to her website or follow here at Instagram @ansjehandmade

Pistol & Arrow
We just adore the ice cream leotard made by Brittany Kleiss who runs her small
Pistol & Arrow Etsy shop from Fair Oaks. The ice cream print has been around for a while but we found this adorable baby girl in her leo a few weeks ago. Since we have a little bit of a girly theme this month this webshop is def worth a visit. She has some adorable items for your little girl. So go take a look.

Top Knot Bands
Headbands, bowbands, turbands for babies, women's accessories, leggings. This shop is the perfect place to look for some cool nursery gifts. We loved our matching cupcake fabric shorts and headband. Such a cute combo for summer. They also have some cute Little Smilemakers Penguin leggings available in the shop. So browse around and enjoy their colorful collection.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

How to deal with a creative person // 5 things to keep in mind while working together with an artist

Working with creative people can be challenging... We artists have to be our own boss, legal department, marketing consultant, tech wiz, accountant and of course designer. We are skilled in designing but corporate matters... I work together with several businesses, some are small stay-at-home-mommy-etsy-shops and some are giant monsters in textile and home interior, in a good way of course, monsters are funny and extremely cool.

But those giant companies have their own skilled legal teams, communication managers and some have artist managers even. If you run your own creative business you have to connect with the corporate. Doing the best you can, trusting the people you work with. But running a business with the heart is a no-go in this world. Money first right? Well, artists don't think like an average corporation would. And that is where you might get frustrated working together with a designer. We just don't think alike. Here are some tips how to deal with us mad artistic people.

Stuck in our cave
I have to admit a lot of artist can be a little flaky, sometimes unprofessional even, when it comes to their communicative skills. I do think running a creative business means also paying attention to the business side you don't necessarily like and your communication with clients is very important. But however artists are no corporate human beings that work 9 to 5 shifts. Emails might get answered a few days later or in the weekend because we are busy creating and feeling inspired. Creative people own a computer but usually spend only a few hours a day at their desk. Nothing is a bigger buzz kill than negotiating about money when you are in the flow of creating a new collection of designs. We have to cut off from any outside distraction to create so that means we have to 'step away from the computer.' We will come out of our caves eventually and respond to your requests.

Artists also eat
I will be the first one to admit I love my job, however, it is a business. No one is money-injecting my company and I work hard to make myself a living. Somehow lot's of people expect us to work for free or in exchange for 'exposure'. No thank you, exposure won't pay our bills. If you need a design: just pay your designer. When we license Little Smilemakers artwork you do not have to pay us per hour. To create one solid design we invest hours and hours of work, draw, scan, edit digitally, prepare for production, we spend days researching materials, trends, the global market, we have to get materials, software, and also a steady computer. Did I mention you are working with an artist that has 10 years of design expertise? It is all in the €87 license fee. Suddenly seems like a bargain right? If we would really add every single expense to your bill we wouldn't be welcome working for you. But we are artists, we want to stay creative so we will make concessions, money is not our biggest priority, our passion is. Staying close to the heart keeps up creative. But don't expect us to cut costs, we don't have much wiggle room financially.

Don't put us on a pedestal
We don't need the center of attention. Our work might be 'visible' but most artist like to stay behind the scenes, I literally have a behind-the-scenes volunteer job in our local theater. But most people seem to think creative people like the exposure. Well, I sure don't. I turn into a frightened deer when someone puts me in front of a camera. Just credit us and we'll be fine.

Let us breathe
A creative process is… a process. It takes time to mature and grow into something amazing. In this time and age we all expect things to happen right away. A good design needs some time to ripen. I think I can speak for most creative people when I say: we need our freedom. I started my own business because working a 9 to 5 job killed my creativity. We artists need our freedom, and that freedom doesn't come with price tag. Don't try and cage the creative bird. Let us breathe and trust our skills and expertise. Also, the majority of creative people are introverts. So I can tell you from my own experience we need some time to think and make a decision to get to the point where we can excel. Don't put us on the spot about time schedules and costs. We will get back to you on that.

Be honest
The biggest problem for me in this profession is the fact that lot's and lot's of people copy and misuse our work. We artists usually do not have a legal background. Artists are very vulnerable when it comes to the legal side of their businesses. Big companies don't pay a full license since they can take the financial risk of getting fined. The textile industry is crazy competitive and sometimes the artist gets stuck in the middle. We might work together with competition, get over it! We do not have a legal department fighting for our rights and we can not afford to hire those people, artists don't make tons of money. Don't expect us to send you a 10 page legal agreement. So if you work with us please be human and honest at all times. We don't have any problem letting go of business relations that aren't.

photo credit: Berc // Fotolia

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine // Top 5 things I love

It's that time of the year again. Shopping windows all turned red and pink and the past few weeks everything was covered in hearts. It is Valentine's day. We do not have a huge library of Valentine related designs but we put lot's of love in our creations. So let's talk about all the things we love. Like this image above that represents all that.

Travel the world
We saw this cute leopard legging in the Elsie & Aster shop. The design was made right before my trip to Sri Lanka two months ago. Where we went on a breathtaking safari and spotted some leopards in Yala National Park. Most of the designs that make the fabric cut are inspired by our travels. it can be the shape of some certain food, colors on a daily market that inspire a palette, or quirky animals we haven't seen before.

Ink drawings
This leopard design was part of the OMG i booked a ticket to Sri Lanka experience. But it also contains my other passion: black ink. I was just a kid when I decided I wanted to draw all day every day. Turns out you can actually make a living out of that. Well if you put in the effort and work hard. Nowadays I try to draw at least something every day. I especially love using a pencil with black ink. I love the contrasting colors and the harsh lines, I like how you have to be confident with the black ink. There is no way to erase the lines and shapes, it is my own handwriting that will be translated into the shapes and illustrations I make.

Clearly, when you would look into my personal portfolio you will see lot's of white. I love to start with a white canvas. The photo above also has the crisp and clean feel to it which I love so much. Designing is a process of making choices. I like to start on bright white and work with black, than fill in the blanks and balance out color. White. You are loved!

Finished projects
I can not remember the first design that was turned into something tangible but I do enjoy every single hand made piece we see posted on our facebook page and Instagram. It is so much fun to see how your creations evolve into another creative project. All those adorable kids wearing our prints, we can not get enough of that! Makes is so much fun to create.

A visual diary
All right, let's be honest, I personally am not the best writer and posting things here on the blog can be a challenge. I am visual. So writing might be a challenge but I make up for that visually. I dreamt of becoming a photographer for a while. I love making pictures, creating images, illustrations. So Instagram for me is the best invention for our Little Smilemakers business. That way we can share all our designs and we can stay connected with our followers. I love updating this visual diary. Follow @littlesmilemakers on Instagram.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Fabric Feature Friday: Oxzyde Homewares

Little Smilemakers Studio sells around 2500 designs on fabric all over the world. From Spoonflower to Robert Kaufman, Hemmers Itex and small online fabric shops in Europe our fabric travels fast. Every first Friday of each month we feature one of our fabric customers. From small start up businesses in home decor to stay at home mommies who create cute little fashion for there kids. Some just pop out.

This Friday we would like to share this great BigCartel shop: Oxzyde Homewares. An interior brand with handmade cushions, wall art & homewares based in Melbourne, Australia. Oxzyde was founded by Caiti who has a background in graphic design and art, she wanted to create a unique brand, stay away from mass production. Her style is minimalistic, honest, clean and full of typographic influences and with a little edge. She uses stencils and raw materials that give her range of product an unique look and feel. All her products are handmade and her fabric items are all made with organic materials. We are honored she picked our feathers and geometric triangle fabric for her range of cushions and multi-functional storage bags.

"To me this brand is about creating art not just products. It's about removing the notion of mass production and creating an imperfect process of creation. It's the happy accidents that make something great. I'd like to think that you, the customer, will be able to look at your piece and know that it will never be identical to another, and that's its charm."

Want to get your hands on one of these trendy home products? Check out Oxzyde's online shop.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sources of inspiration: Keith Haring // Kunsthal Rotterdam

The last few days you can still visit the Keith Haring exhibit in Rotterdam Kunsthal. I know I am a little late with this post but I did not plan to write about it actually. But when I visit the exhibit yesterday I was struck by how much his work is still inspiring me up until today. So a little writing is in order.

I was 15 when I got introduced with the art of Keith Haring. With it's colorful pop culture works of graffiti and giant canvasses I completely fell in love with the energy put into the art. It was then when I realized I could create something to release my emotions, that might look a little naive to some, but was in fact a part of dealing with what was going on. I loved its powerful strokes and expressive colors and up until this day I find myself being inspired by the works of this NY graffiti artist.

Keith Haring was a street artist of it's time, heavily influenced by the eighties in which he openly discussed (his) sexuality, the global commercialization and political topics like the war. His work might be playful but clearly shows his perspective on serious matters like the increasing homophobia, Aids, drugs, homosexuality and rape. Some pieces are very explicit. The topics are heavy but the body of art makes it all joyful, light and almost appealing. He was struggling with his own health and was diagnosed with Aids. Every painting and every canvas is a piece of himself, reflecting on his life and life in general. His symbolism and way of expression in color and shape still truly captures me up until today. So if you have some time to see an upcoming Keith Haring show near your place in the future go and experience the lightness of a heavy life. It is breathtaking.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Made with Little Smilemakers Studio Fabric // January 2016

It is so exciting to see a finished project after working hard on a new collection or a series of illustrations for our clients. But with finished fabric designs it is even a bigger surprise to see what customers create. To see how final products evolve when people put their own creative energy in there is amazing.

If you browse around on etsy for some kids fashion you are very likely to stumble upon some Little Smilemakers. Most creatives with small home based businesses sell their projects via Etsy. We love how Little Smilemakers creations are the foundation for other creatives all around the world to work with. So here is our monthly blog post that features some creative results from Australia, Sweden and Poland. This is our new January selection. Take a look and see if there is something for your little one too.

Sprout Patterns // sewing inspiration
In 2015 Sprout Patterns launched their website and within a few months time have added numerous new patterns to their collection. On the website you can easily pick a pattern, then select a Spoonflower fabric, you will get just the right amount, and get those delivered to your doorstep. So if you need some sewing inspiration or would like to make something for your kid and don't want to end up with a pile of left over fabric this might be great for you. Sprout patterns has some fun creations up on their website to take a look at. Some patterns are fun to mix and match fabric with, they all have cute visuals so you can also check out the result and have a clear impression about the cut and shape. The cactus blouse was made with the biscayne blouse pattern designed by Hey June Handmade and contains our very popular cactus summer fabric that is available via Spoonflower. So, nothing to do this weekend? Go grab your sewing machine and start making new beautiful fashion and accessories with Sprout Patterns.

Kalamati // cosy home
For Kalamati we have been making some fun new hot air balloon and pastel woodland designs but we also created a cute penguin print a while ago. The new collection available online. You can find high quality blankets pillows and cute kids room decoration in their shop. Looking for a cute baby shower gift? Or decoration your babies nursery? Take a look!

Arli Barli // kids fashion
Our tribal feathers keep popping up all around the world. Our latest addition of feathered baby fashion was made by Arli Barli, a small handmade shop in Australia creating cool trendy kids fashion and accessories. Their collection contains little new born rompers, leggings, shorts, head wraps and bibs.

Milutka // home & outdoor accessories
Milutka is a company specialized in kids cottons. From soft winter hats to mommy hand warmers, pillows, soft toys and stroller gear, if you'd like to have one print for your entire nursery and kids outdoor gear go visit their online shop. They have our cute little raccoon cactus print in their collection but also our colorful pirates, elephants, squirrels, dachshund puppy, plus sign and owl prints. They have a great selection of kids bedding and they have a sale going on.

Stoj Design // dreamcatchers
Our Swedish Spoonflower shopper Tove has a cute online boutique with handmade organic cotton clothes only. She cares a lot about the environment and all her carefully picked fabrics are soft, comfortable and long lasting high quality. She had made a series of clothes with our Little Smilemakers dreamcatcher and water melon summer fabric. Beanies, bibs, harems and leggings are available in her shop. Take a look.

Wanna be featured on one of our "made with" posts? Make some fun visuals and send us the result.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sources of inspiration: Sri Lanka // Elephant island // Sunshine, palm trees, elephants and smiles // Top 5 travel tips

Sri Lanka. You have stolen my heart. I just got back from a three week trip through this amazing green island. While uploading photo's to my personal Facebook page I cannot seem to get over the fact that once again I have come home with lot's of memories and stories to share. Usually after traveling I will make a top 5 of places to see. But first I will start with some of the stories about the warm and welcoming people I have met.

Sri Lanka has been on my bucket list ever since I traveled to India for the first time. The country always intrigued me. It is a small island south east from India. It adopted some of it's quirkiness and cultural customs but is very different from any other Asian country I experienced so far. The economy is growing rapidly and it is noticeable, the northern part of the country still is recovering from the war and you can still see some damaged homes but the area has been built up again.

I fell in love with it's inhabitants while I was visiting Chilaw. It was a hot and sunny day and me and my travel buddy decided to go and walk through the village and the rice fields. Tourists are not very common in most places except for the area's around the National Parks and beaches that attract surfers from all over the world. We walked for an hour or so and were continuously invited to come have a coconut and look around people's homes. We were taking a break in a families sitting room and chatted with the locals. It strikes me time and time again how welcoming people can be. People can be so open and curious to meet you. It is the best feeling in the world when you come from a place where everyone is in a rush not paying attention to the bigger things in life. A simple smile from a toddler, kids playing in the mud. With so little money they are living such a rich life and don't even know it. All right, before I get all preachy let's talk about all the high lights of the trip. I have seen wild life, gorgeous Buddhist temples, tea plantations and met some amazing individuals. Here is a top 5 of things you should really experience, can't miss! I fell in love with life all over again.

1 // The wild life
Sri Lanka is the island of elephants. You can see them in one of many National Parks or you can visit an elephant orphanage. I am so intrigued by these amazing animals, I remember seeing a wild animal for the first time while traveling through India and I fell in love with those creatures right away. Don't expect to be close to the elephants though, you may be able to find elephant rides but these are not very common, locals hate to see you jump on an elephant for a ride. As do I. Just enjoy them from a distance, take your time to watch the baby elephants at an orphanage and watch how they are getting to know the world, step on their trunks and try to keep balance with crossed legs. They are magestic and funny at the same time.

Sri Lanka has a very divers wild life and you can visit one of the numerous parks to spot not only elephants but also leopards, crocodiles, buffalos, birds and those pretty quirky peacocks... You can go either on or in the water, enjoy sea life, spot whales. There is so much to see! But be conscious, try to share your Jeep with other tourists and think about the environment, go for a sailing boat instead of one that runs on kerosene. Ask before you go. The parks can be very crowded and traffic jams in parks are actually a thing nowadays. Sri Lanka is not very much used to big crowds of tourists yet and has some maturing to do.

2 // The people
This is probably the main reason why I travel. Meeting up with people from different countries, they have different costumes and habits and make you rethink your way of life. They often rely on their families and communities, they think in 'we' instead of 'I'. Nothing is more healing and triggers personal growth more than a different perspective and an open attitude toward the unknown. I fell in love with the people in Sri Lanka right away. They are joyful, welcoming and very curious and eager to know what it is that attracts you to come and visit their country. Feel free to have a tea or a coconut with the locals. They will welcome you in their homes and will be happy to talk about their way of living, their family. From the big city of Colombo to the smallest little villages, people welcome you with a smile and a touch. When a smile approaches you, say yes. Let them take you along on a little peek inside their lives. Personal encounters will touch your heart. It is lovely to experience a country this way. I came home with a little stack of papers containing addresses of the people I have met. I made photo's and captured their way of life. Made selfless with the kids in Colombo, made portraits of a lady and her new born. Such precious moments. Now all I have to do is print them and send them. I cherish those little moments.

3 // The sun
Of course! Nothing is more healing than the sun. Sri Lanka is a tropical island and I had visit the country after the rainy season, everything was so green and lush. The island has some great beaches where you can wander around all by yourself. In the south/west there are lot's of tourist hotels if you need some easy comfort this is the place to be, you can also travel alone and stay away from the crowds easily if you visit the north/eastern parts. Enjoy a coconut, watch the locals play in the water under the hot tropical sun. It is a great getaway during our European winter. Relax, leave all stress behind and recharge in the sun.

4 // The Ayuvedic treatments
Most doctors in Sri Lanka have a degree in both western and ayuvedic medicine. I was talking to a doctor in Sri Lanka while visiting a spice garden and asked him if he knew anyone that suffered from rheumatism. He laughed and after a good minute he said "of course not." The entire Sri Lankan lifestyle and climate is a great place to have a break from my pain. The sun, but also the spices that are part of their every day meals, make me feel so much better. Go to a spice garden and have a chat with a doctor. Not in need of medical treatment? You can take an relaxing ayuvedic massage or detox body treatment depending on what you need. For me it does make a difference.

5 // The temples
There are lot's of places that are worth a visit. Dutch remains our VOC history, Portuguese architecture, but of course Sri Lanka has a lot of genuine heritage of it's own. Amazing temples with crazy high buddha statues located on the most breathtaking places on earth. The Dambulla cave temple, the Temple of Tooth, the detailed and colorful local Hindu Temples, the remains of Anuradhapura, Each and every temple has it's own story. Each and every temple is magical. Do take your time to enjoy as many as possible. Lot's of locals visit temples each day so be respectful and try to blend in. Locals visit temples in white colored clothes. If you want to fit in, dress in white while you visit a temple and cover your knees and shoulders.

I completely fell in love with Sri Lanka and it's people. There are so many things to do and see and taste. I could write a book. I personally felt Sri Lanka was a relaxing and safe place to travel by myself. If you have questions feel free to ask! If you'd like to see more photo's of my trip check out @littlesmilemakers on Instagram too. But this place on your bucket list!

Monday, January 11, 2016

A new year // A new collection // Japanese Paper Art // Origami surface patterns and fabric

When I was born my mom and dad sent our personal handmade birth announcements with little paper boats. Boot is Dutch for boat, with a surname like that it is easy to find a suitable theme for those announcement cards. My mom and dad folded hundreds of little tiny paper boats that were glued on the cover of the postcards.

When I was a little kid i loved my arts and crafts class. Of course, I turned out running my own crafty business, but while I was traveling through Japan and visiting a local museum in Tokyo I was reminded of our origami projects back in school. We made all sorts of animals and flowers. Paper was my favorite material to work with, and still is. That is why I have been working on a new series of designs, all origami animals.

I bet you have made a paper crane or two back when you were little. We are still expanding the design collection of origami animals but of course we started out with some boats first. Together with some geometric shapes and detailing they turned out to be beautiful fabrics. And it is such a simple and easy way to have a nice afternoon out with the kids, just make your own paper boats and visit the lake. It will be a memorable day out.

Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 Spoonflower year in Review

2016 is coming to an end so there are the lists. Spoonflower released it's 2015 infographic with new artists, top sales and searches and contest winners.For a small business it is great to see a clear overview. Information like this is very important for our sales and uploading structure.

For our studio it has been a good year on Spoonflower as well, with 60712 favorites and 1609 followers we try to keep up with the crazy demand on fabric. Each day we start sending out a personal thank you to our customers and our shop has been growing rapidly. Hopefully we can keep up and are able to stay in touch with our costumers and help them with scale requests and new color schemes. We upload around 50 new designs each month and have grown from a small shop to Spoonflowers most favorited fabric designer with over 1500 surface pattern designs that are currently available. We have been selling to customers all over the world. San Diego, Moscow, Melbourne. Little Smilemakers fabric have been going around! Hopefully with a great year like 2015 we can keep this up in 2016. We already have new designs ready to upload. So take a look in our Spoonflower shop and let us know if we can help you with anything.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Happy holidays from Little Smilemakers Studio

Another creative year has past. We have made tons of new designs, started working with a crazy amount of new clients all over the world and have seen some great finished projects come by made with Little Smilemakers fabric. Now it is time for a short break. Spend some time with our loved ones and travel. We wish you a warm loving Christmas and a sparkling and creative new year. Hope to see you back in 2016!