woensdag 30 juli 2014

> Jeff Wall | A day at the museum | Explore cultural differences all over the world

How often do you visit a gallery or museum? I was just in time to visit the Jeff Wall exhibition at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Holland has some great art galleries and museums and I love to see all these different artists and skills come to life. I often visit the Pulchri Studio close to my home in The Hague where they have new art up on the walls every few weeks & I love Foto Museum Antwerp - FoMu where I have seen so many talented photographers show (off) their work. I try to visit museums during my traveling. It is lovely to see cultural differences, there is a different way of expression in each part of the world. What museum would you recommend in your country/city?

maandag 28 juli 2014

> Enjoy Eid Mubarak | A little postcard for my Muslim friends

I have several Muslim friends and I am always somewhat jealous about their great celebrations. There are so many special holidays all around the world, every country every society and every religion has it's own amazing celebrations. Not at all jealous about not eating for a month though, not eating makes me so cranky! Most muslims mark Ramadan by fasting from sunrise to sunset, during the summer those days can seem endless. So indulge! Happy Eid!

zaterdag 26 juli 2014

> Live on the Shutterstock Blog | 5 Must-See Global Destinations for a Great Boost of Inspiration

As mentioned in an earlier post I have been working on a piece for Shutterstock's blog. 5 must see places that inspired me to create. ! Havana, New York, Costa Rica, Berlin and of course my beloved India. How is that for a kick off? Enjoy reading!

vrijdag 25 juli 2014

> Inspiration and things that matter | finding your own style and designing your creative process

Since my last trip, New York in June, I have been working on several Shutterstock things. Taking over Instagram later this week, I have been setting up Holland's first Drink & Draw contributor's event for Shutterstock but also I have been writing a piece for the contributor's blog which let me to think about what I do and what is important to me.

I feel so blessed that I am able to do what I do now. Make my living with illustrations and patterns. During my studies I found it hard to choose a more 'abstract' way of living. So instead of choosing Illustration as mayor I studied graphic design and typography. This foundation, combined with my passion for illustration and photography makes my work so much more diverse each day. I am so happy for choosing another direction and not be limited like other designers. For me designing is about inventing, diversity, searching for solutions between the 'set rules' for the final product and my own hand writing merged into a piece that works for the company I work with.

I see lot's of designers trying to hold on to their own handwriting, meaning repeating designs, they just end up making the same thing over and over again. I love to experiment with different types of materials. Ink, paper cutting, vector drawing. I am so happy to work with all these different techniques and companies still choose me for my own style. The foundation of my designs is always visible. I think every artist evolves. When a musician looks back on the music he made years ago he would say: "I would do that completely different now". I would be bored out of my head if I had to make the same design in another version day after day.

I do have some preferences, white backgrounds, poplin' colors, I work with. Some limitations to a design are necessary to accomplish a great result. But do not limit yourself. Let the client set your rules and stay open for growth. If you then are able to trust your own skills and experience you can make a living with doing what you love.

My inspiration lies in diversity and experiencing new things, I think my designs reflect that what is most important to me.

Featured images are available via Sutterstock, Society6 & Spoonflower. Also available for licensing.

donderdag 24 juli 2014

> Free happy Eid printable poster | Hamsa hand of Fatima | Id-al-Fitr

ramadan is almost over so it is time for our Muslim community to celebrate with lot's of love, family gatherings and food. Happy Eid to all of you muslim peeps!
Postcard available via Kaartje2Go.

zondag 6 juli 2014

> Brand new baby elephant designs | New series for boys & girls nursery textiles, invitations and wallpaper

With over 3500 downloads the colorful kids elephant patterns are still our all time bestsellers in Little Smilemakers Studio stock portfolio. I have seen the design on bags, postcards, an entire stationary range, wall art for kids. From China to Brazil, in giant shops like Wallmart and on little tiny markets in India. These little elephants have reached the entire globe in retail by now. So yes, after all these years and after only making some small updated versions of the original design I thought it was about time to make some new elephant designs. Some seamless patterns for print and fabric, and some cute designs including typography. What do you think?

All elephant designs can be purchased via Shutterstock. Check the license agreement before downloading. For commercial use, please contact the Studio.

vrijdag 4 juli 2014

> Sweet nappies series | Bambino Mio

The series of nappies that were launched at spring at Bambino Mio were a great success. The prints were so successful, there had to be a whole new series. Soon to come!

zaterdag 28 juni 2014

> New seasonal themes for kids | Pattern making & a little sneak peek

A busy week this week. I am so lucky to have all these new people approaching me during, what usually is, the low season. Designing new awesome things for three new clients. We are working on new kids themes, a collaboration with an old colleague from Rotterdam. Hopefully this one will be featured in the newly redesigned winter UIT magazine for kids. So much fun to work on!

If you are looking for fun patterns & illustrations check the royalty free portfolio at Shutterstock. For commercial use please contact the studio before you start your production & don't forget to read the license agreement.

vrijdag 27 juni 2014

Awesome new designs available & jersey fabric back in stock

Finally, after months of waiting the jersey is back! Perfect to make cute kids fashion items, leggings, shirts and onsies and comfy clothes for yourself. 40 new designs are also added to the Little Smilemakers fabric shop. new kids themes, little mermaids for girls, contructions workers and transportation themes for boys. Fun geometric designs and summer & fall seasonal prints. Check all designs here and don't forget to show your final creations when you're done.

donderdag 26 juni 2014

> New iphone case designs | modern typography & bright neon photography

Working on some new typography iphone case designs. Transforming travel photography into new artwork. These are some drafts. I love hand lettering so I am amusing myself making new ones. What do you think?

vrijdag 20 juni 2014

> Sweet fox & typography nursery poster series | a giant leap to yellow

What do you think of the Minty & Sunflower color scheme? Ever since I was a little girl I skipped using yellow crayons, pencils and paint. I just have this weird aversion against this color of the happy. Never wanted it in my kindergarten drawings or in my home and never used it in my design work. Not sure why but somehow, somewhere along the way this year yellow was introduced into my designs. Right now I am actually embracing the color and enjoying the warmer shades. And yes, working with yellow! What do you think of this color combo? I am getting to terms with this color. Maybe in a while (taking baby steps here) I will do an entire collection. Some day...

woensdag 11 juni 2014

> Hup Holland Hup | Cool Dutch Fifa World Cup illustrations & patterns

Yes, time for Dutch to go crazy over the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. I am not a big socces fan myself but after seeing all these awesfull ugly orange merch I decided it was about time to add some fun Holland designs to my portfolio. What do you think aof this cute little Dutch Lion? Illustration is also available via Kaartje2Go.

woensdag 4 juni 2014

> New Boy nursery posters | Cute little boy themes | Cowboys | Indians | Adventure boys | Prince

We are working on some new nursery themes for boys. All time favorite surface patterns are now available as cool graphic illuctration prints. Fun poster series for your little boys bedroom. Which one do you like most?

zondag 25 mei 2014

> New York, New York

Little Smilemakers illustrations and patterns are available at Shutterstock for 7 years already. And after winning the Grant Jury Prize with a short Artist 'behind the scenes' for Shutterstock Stories last fall, it was about time to visit the new Shutterstock office. So this week the Little Smilemakers Studio moved into a little loft in SoHo. We'll be hanging out the Empire State Building to catch up with some peeps in the brand new Shutterstock office. Did you know they have an Alice in Wonderland room? Not a bad place to get creative!

maandag 19 mei 2014

> New travel iphone case series | Daily Objects | 100+ Little Smilemaker designs to choose from

More than 100 Little Smilemakers designs are now being sold via Daily Objects. if you are looking for a cute travel themed case for you smartphone, take a look at the Daily Objects webshop. What do you think of this quirky UK London city design? More a Paris kind of girl? Take a look, with 100 designs to choose from it won't be hard to find something you like. Little Indian tuctuc patterns, Rickshaws, Tata Trucks and many more. More that 30 latest smartphone cases available.

> New Fabric available via Spoonflower | New fabric for boys and girls

We have been working on some new exclusive designs but we also have been adding new designs to our Little Smilemakers fabric shop at Spoonflower. More than 60 designs for both boy and girls are added to the rapidly growing fabric shop. Some new boy themes: vikings, fish and contruction workers. But also some dreamy designs for girls with fairy tale themes and one awesome little Jasmine print.

If you are looking for some kids fabric please visit our one and only webshop. Not the theme you were looking for? Just let us know! We will be happy to add new themes, maybe yours will be the next new design.

vrijdag 16 mei 2014

> New design | Alkaloid EP Cover design

As a photography lover at heart I was able to put some of my own work into a great new design for Alkaloid's new EP. They will be releasing their new work later this summer and kick of with a little European tour. Congrats to you guys!

dinsdag 6 mei 2014

> New York | London | Food & Summer designs | Exclusive work | Surtex 2014

In a week New York will be hosting Surtex 2014. I am very excited to let you know we have been working on a large new exclusive series of images. Here you can see a little sneak peek. New vintage series with crafty themes and icons of the road illustrations. But also travel inspired designs with new themes like New York City & London. And ofcourse for all foodies: some sweet fruit designs and popsicles. Yes, all set for this new warm summer season!

zaterdag 3 mei 2014

> A little note about licensing & using pattern designs from stock | Buying from stock or directly via Little Smilemakers Studio

A little note for all of you that are thinking about using Little Smilemakers designs from Shutterstock. PLEASE READ the license agreement on the Shutterstock website and make sure you know what the restrictions for using our work on commercial projects. Make sure you have the right license! Even if you download an enhanced licensed design, still there are some restrictions on how to use the artwork.

If you have any questions about how to use Little Smilemakers designs for your product feel free to contact me before downloading.

woensdag 30 april 2014

> New fabric for Robert Kaufman | New Russian Doll print for Jo-Ann Fabrics

One of the best selling themes on fabric is the Russian Doll. Robert Kaufman has produced this little piece for Jo-Ann Fabrics. This design is one out of three designs that are included in their Novelty prints collection. The apple and pear designs are already up for sale. For this one, have patience. Just a little wait. Half way May this Svetlana's Forest design will be available too.

If you are looking for other colorful designs on fabric, please visit the Little Smilemakers Studio official fabric shop at Spoonflower. 60 designs are added to the shop this past month and even more designs are waiting to be uploaded. You can find new kids themes, boys fabric and cute dreamy fabric for girls. But also some hipster themes and quirky vintage style patterns. Have fun!

woensdag 23 april 2014

Hello Miss Tooth Fairy | Free printable postcard design for little toothless girls

Yes, another printable! We have had so many great reactions on the first one so here is another fun free printable. This time we have made a cute little Miss Tooth Fairy card for your little girl. Let your little girl communicate with her Tooth Fairy. Send the fairy some love and explain what to do with the tooth, maybe your girl had a special wish or use it as Tooth Fairy to send send a short message to your toothless little girl. Just click on the image to download the full size design. Have fun!

artwork is prohibited for commercial use

dinsdag 22 april 2014

> Travel icons of the road | New designs for fabric & Wallpaper | Up for licensing before Surtex New York

After two months of hard work it was about time to book another trip to boost our inspiration. We have been making new travel themes designs for exclusive licensing in the mean time. If you are looking for some colorful, retro style, quirky designs visit the Artwork section on Little Smilemakers website. All designs shown there are available for commercial usage. Please send us a message to find out how to use Little Smilemakers designs for your products and get them just before Surtex.

Artwork by Maaike Boot | Little Smilemakers Studio

dinsdag 15 april 2014

> Happy spring & a quirky easter | Free printable poster and wrapping paper

We have been working on some seasonal themes. Easter is around the corner so we have decided to to put up these two cute free* printables on the blog for your easter home. You can frame, print your own little postcard, or make some cute little wrapping paper with it. Click on the image and download these cute sprint poster print designs for your own wall. Don't forget to send post a picture on our Little Smilemakers Studio facebook page when they are up!

artwork is prohibited for commercial use

donderdag 10 april 2014

> Little Smilemakers Studio | New exclusive licensing available for fabric

Little Smilemakers Studio has been working for many fabric companies all over the world. Mostly non-exclusive images are purchased to be produced on textile. Several fabric companies have contacted the Studio for exclusive designs. It was about time to expand our portfolio with some exclusive work. We are now working on a variety of exclusive artwork for our fabric clients. Hopefully we will be able to show some awesome new stuff just before Surtex, which is held in new York next month. If you are looking for a commercial license or license for fabric, please contact us. You can take a look at our current designs that are available with exclusive license on our Little Smilemakers Studio website.

maandag 24 maart 2014

> Little Smilemakers & Maxomorra

I have always been a fan of the cute Maxomorra clothing line for kids. They produce adorable clothes for babies, toddles and young kids. I remember seeing their first collection in Kopenhagen years ago. I fell in love with the cute quirky retro style patterns right away.

A few weeks ago a I stumbled upon their new collection in a shop in Antwerp and was happy to see my very own retro apples in their new spring collection. So run to the shop for new t-shirts, onsies, leggings and cute little undies.

donderdag 20 maart 2014

> Made with... Little Smilemakers fabric | Typewriters & Love Letters | Head band for your little baby by Sadie Sky Boutique

When a fabric order is placed at the Little Smilemakers Spoonflower shop, I always send out a request for some photo's of the finished products people make. I love to see all those cute little baby and kids fashion items. I am amazed how much creative people buy my work and I love to see all results.

What do you think of this head band project? The Head bands are made by Sadie Sky Boutique and available via etsy. The fabric she has used is still available via Spoonflower. Both Vintage Typewriter print and Love Letters print. So of you have some crafting skills you can make your own.

dinsdag 18 maart 2014

> Coral & Mint | New spring fabric & wallpaper | now available at Spoonflower

Spring has begun! Time to shop shop shop some new Little Smilemakers fabric at Spoonflower. We added some new geometric fabrics, kids textiles and ofcourse we added all new designs to the wallpaper collection too. So if you are looking for a fun nursery gift for your friends baby shower or your own little cute new born, check all sweet powder pastel themes. There is so much to choose from! We have some foxes and owls waiting for you and we made sure to add those retro apple and pear designs you all like so much. Don't forget to show your crafty results via the Little Smilemakers Facebook page.

Shop fabric online! Check out the new Coral & Mint series in the shop.

maandag 17 maart 2014

> Happy Holi | Subh Holi | Welcome spring!

We are celebrating the early signs of spring today. Cherry blossom is popping, the birds are singing, and the sun is getting warmer every day. Spring has definitely arrived! So I have been working on some new spring themes these past few days. Inspired by my trip to India last month.

Happy Holi to all of you celebrating this colorful indian holiday. I am happy to be able to celebrate in my hometown.

woensdag 12 maart 2014

> New illustrations & patterns | Phone accessories | Daily Objects India

For a few months now I have been working together with a rapidly growing Indian company. I know I have some Indians following my work, i hope you will be as excited about the entire Daily Object designer series as I am. It was great to make some new Indian designs. Elephants, rickshaws, peacocks. Everything India is not a problem for me. I have not only been making India inspired designs but also some fun modern designs: fashion items, music icons, hipster themes, trendy illustrations and retro patterns. Today the samples arrived in the mail and they look gorgeous. what do you think? All cases can be purchased via Daily Objects.

maandag 10 maart 2014

> It is time for a GIVEAWAY | Join our facebook giveaway and pick your own favorite Little Smilemakers Studio item

Yesterday we have reached another Milestone: 1000 glorious facebook likes. So after 28 months of support it is time to give back. Join in and pick your favorite Little Smilemakers Studio item. Winners will be announced on Friday.

You can choose the Veritas bowling bag, sewing box, a collection of awesome fabric and there are some crazy cute pillows to choose from, which one is your favorite? So pick and share, maybe your favorite will reach your mailbox soon.